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Translation by me and [livejournal.com profile] firendenki . Our first language is neither English nor Japanese, so I apologize for any mistakes.

edit: I translated "dairokutenmaou" as Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven. It was translated as Mara in other translations but Mara just reminds me of the penis on wheels from Persona.

Page 1:
Gate 7 chapter 6: Tachibana and Sakura and...
Tenkai and Jubei
Iemitsu's two wings--
Page 2:
Masamune: I wanted to eat dinner with Hana too!

Kojuurou: You should be satisfied with one day off from school.
Masamune: I only was with Hana for about three hours!
That's not enough at all!

Masamune: I'm returning to the Kamishichiken! I'm staying there tonight!
sfx: running away
Masamune: Sharing a futon with Hana--!!

sfx: grab
Page 3:
sfx: thunder
sfx: giggling
Kojuurou: Ma-sa-mu-ne-sa-ma--
Masamune: Don't laugh in such an obviously evil way!

Hidetsugu: Maa-kun really doesn't learn.
Mikoto: It's comic relief.

Kojuurou: Are you already returning home, Lord Hidetsugu?
sfx: drag
(Masamune: Ha~na~)
Hidetsugu: Yes.
There's something I want to research.

Masamune: The Tokugawa?
Page 4:
Masamune: Of all the people the most annoying one inherited the Tokugawa's Oni.

Kojuurou: And I don't know what kind of power the Oni has at all.

Mikoto: Same.
Even among us, noone knows of the Oni's power.
Although it is widely known on what he feeds.

Hidetsugu: If Lord Iemitsu wants go gain Lord Nobunaga's body and the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven with that power
We will have to fight.
Page 5:
Hidetsugu: That would be the worst case.
Page 6:
Sakura: Sorry that the Tofu shop was closed.

Chikahito: No, it was close anyway.
And I'm happy that I get to eat a Tofu dish at the restaurant I admire.
sfx: joy
sfx: losing spirit

Chikahito: Hana-san?

Hana: It's really delicious but
there are no noodles.

Chikahito: I'll make you some when we get home.
There are also still the Uumen we got.
sfx: lights up
Page 7:
Hana: Thank you.

Chikahito: N-no.

Tachibana: What are you being so lovestruck for, freeloader?
Chikahito: Huh!
Sakura: Chikahito-kun.
It's too long, so is Chika-chan okay?
Chikahito: Y-yes.
Page 8:
Sakura: Do you like Hana's face, Chika-chan?
Chikahito: What!
That's not-!
I mean
It's not that I don't-! Um... um!

Chikahito: I think she's beautiful! But!

Chikahito: Not but!

Sakura: You're amusing, Chika-chan.
Tachibana: This time he makes a stupid face?
Chikahito: …..
sfx: deep breath
Hana: Later noodles. ♥ Noodles. ♥

Chikahito: While we're on the subject!
Page 9:
Chikahito: I think there are a lot of beautiful people in Kyoto!
sfx: energically

Sakura: Is that so?
sfx: nodding

Chikahito: Earlier, there was a really beautiful kid at the Kitano-Tenmanguu.

Sakura: Did you hit on them?
Chikahito: I didn't!
It was a guy anyway!

Chikahito: But he was so beautiful he didn't quite feel real.

He wore a school uniform without buttons,
Was thin and pale.
And his hair color was light too.

His eyelashes were fluttering
And his eyes-
Page 10:
Chikahito: Were violet.
Page 11:
Chikahito: !!
sfx: dash

sfx: running away
Sakura: Hana, stay here with Chika-chan.

Hana: Yes.
Page 12:
Chikahito: D-
Did I say something problematic?

Hana: That's not it.

Hana: I will protect you.
Page 14:
sfx: panting

sfx: rush

sfx: panting x2
sfx: rush

Tachibana: Iemitsu!
Page 15:
Tachibana: Sugi!!!
sfx: impact

sfx: quick movement

sfx: impact

Sakura: Stop.
Page 16:
Sakura: I heard this from the driver of a tourist bus who stopped at the Torii
Sakura: It seems five of his customers didn't return.

Sakura: They were eaten.
By the Tokugawa's Oni.
Page 17:
Tachibana: Iemitsu is-?!
Sakura: Not here anymore.

Sakura: It's still the same. We can't read his movements.
Even though he appeared this close.
Most likely, that is the power of his [Iemitsu's]* Oni.

Tachibana: Then why did he know?!
That freeloader!

Sakura: Mikoto discerned that he is „nothing“.
Tachibana: What does that mean?!
sfx: grab
Sakura: There's no way I would know things even you can't figure out with your sight.

(*the Kanji is Iemitsu but the Hiragana is "that guy")
Page 18:
Sakura: But Hana called that kid to her.
Do you think Hana would do something that would harm you?

Tachibana: …

Sakura: Immediately after that kid came to the Urashichiken, the situation changed.
First, we found out about the way to obtain the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven, which was a mystery until now.

Tachibana: …That's probably the power of Sugi's Oni.

Sakura: I don't think there are others.
Out of the Oni that exist right now, only the Oni of your twin sister
Princess Sugi can predict that much.

sfx: wings flapping

Tachibana: For that purpose, what did Iemitsu do to Sugi this time...?!
Sakura: Stop thinking about that.
Page 19:
Sakura: The only thing you need to think about right now is how to get Princess Sugi back from the Tokugawa.
Tachibana: That's right.
That's why I am in the Urashichiken.

Sakura: That's why Princess Sugi passed the information about the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven and Nobunaga to Mikoto in preparation of escaping from the other Oni.

Sakura: Even though she knows you agreed to stay with Mikoto's contractor Hidetsugu.
Page 20:
Sakura: If the method to obtain Nobunaga and the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven is like Princess Sugi predicted,
The Oni holders will most likely move even more.

Sakura: If Iemitsu wants that as well,
We have a chance.
Page 21:
Tachibana: Next time
I will definitely
get Sugi
and the two Oni back.
Page 22:
Chikahito: Uwaaaah!
Chikahito: It's great, isn't it?

Sakura: There was a lot of construction work, but it seems like it's completed
Chikahito: Are you often in Oosaka?
Sakura: When I'm on a job.
But not often.
The guys from the Hanamachi of Oosaka do most of the jobs in Oosaka.
Page 23:
Chikahito: Are here people like everyone from the Urashichiken too?!
Sakura: There are.

Sakura: Because there are problems everywhere.
All kinds of.

(Hana: Pastaaaaa)
Chikahito: Speaking of "all kinds of"...
That day last week when we ate dinner at the Tofu restaurant. In the
end both Sakura-san and Tachibana-san came back.

Chikahito: But I still don't know what happened at all.

Chikahito: That day, several tourists went missing at the Kitano-Tenmanguu.
I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Chikahito: But I wonder if they can't tell me after all.
Page 24:
Hana: Chikahito.
sfx: abrupt

Chikahito: Huh?!

Hana: Does it hurt anywhere?
Chikahito: N-no, I'm fine!
It's nothing!
sfx: squeeze
Tachibana: Don't space out.

Tachibana: If you lose sight of us, I want to leave you behind, so.
Sakura: We're not leaving you behind.
It's fine, it's fine.
sfx: Hawawa!*

Sakura: But if there's something that you're worried about or something you've
noticed, tell me.

* It's an expression of surprise, usually used by moe girls. So manly, Chika-chan.
Page 25:
Tachibana: If you meet the student with the purple eyes, tell me immediately.

Chikahito: ...Y-yes.

Chikahito: Hana-san!!
(Hana: The smell of Udon~)
sfx: waver, walk unsteadily

sfx: light movement
Sakura; I understand that you want to eat noodles
but have a bit more patience, Hana.
Page 26:
Hana: Noodles~~
sfx: floppy
Tachibana: I've already researched where we can go when we're finished with business.
Hana: Noodles!!

Hana: Quick, let's go!!
Chikahito: Uwaa!

Sakura: I don't know the reason, but Chika-chan can tell us about Iemitsu's movements.
That much is certain.

Sakura: If we move, he will move as well.
Page 27:
Sakura: First we have to fulfill the owner's request.
Tachibana: ...I know.

Sakura: Now then,
Shall we go?
To someone who is troublesome in a different sense than Iemitsu.
Page 28:
Chikahito: Do you have business around here?
sfx: beep
Tachibana: It's still a bit farther.

Tachibana: It's between the Tamatsukuri Station where we just got off and the Tsuruhashi area.

Chikahito: Is there one of those weird exterminations like before?
Does a rock move or does something snake-like come out?

Tachibana: No.
sfx: beep

Sakura: We're meeting someone.
Tachibana: Hidetsugu should have gone.
Page 29:
Sakura: Well,
That way the conversation might go faster.

Sakura: Because we don't know if it's a condition under which we can talk.

sfx: running
Chikahito: What does that--

Hana: We've arrived.
Page 30:
Chikahito: A... A nursery school?
Chikahito: Are they here? That person?

Tachibana: Hidetsugu's information is reliable.
Sakura: He has both his intelligence network and Mikoto.
There should be no mistake.

Chikahito: Hana-san?
Page 31:
sfx: door squeaking
sfx: excitement

Kid: Sensei--
You've fallen down a lot today too--
You bumped your nose--

Boy: It's because you're wearing glasses.
How uncool.

Girls: If he doesn't wear the glasses, he will fall down even more!
Stupid boys!
sfx: grumble
Boys: You're stupid!
Girls are double stupid!
Page 32:
???: Don't fight!
Kids: Sensei, shut up!!

???: Y-yes.

Girls: We won't allow you to bully sensei!
Boys: We're not bullying him!
We're just saying the truth!

Girls: You just want to be mean to the teacher!
sfx: strictly
Boys: S-stupid!
That's not it!

Girls: Boys are so childish!
Boys: We said it's not that!
Page 33:
???: R-really, fighting is no good--
sfx: sudden movement

Kids: Sensei, shut up!
???: Yes.

Chikahito: It's someone who seems even more passive than me...!!
sfx: gulp
Page 34:
Boy: Today I'll forgive you.
Girl: What's with this comedy troupe?
sfx: crackle

Boy&Girl: Well! You're not allowed to give sensei a hard time!!
sfx: turn

Chikahito: The children really like him.
sfx: little laugh

Kids: Bye, sensei!
See you tomorrow!
Seite 35:
???: Yes, see you tomorrow!
Take care on your way home!

Sakura: Is that him?
Tachibana: Yeah. There's no mistake.

Chikahito: Huh?
Page 36:
sfx: door squeaking
Page 37:
Chikahito: ?!
Page 38:
Sakura: So he noticed after all.
Sakura: Are they here?

Tachibana: All of the people I heard.

Sakura: The one who encircled us...
Tachibana: Isn't him.
Sakura: So it's like the rumors?

Chikahito: It's turned into something scary again...!
Page 39:
???: U-um... What business do you have with me?

Chikahito: H-
Page 40:
Tachibana: We've come to deliver the words of Hidetsugu of the Toyotomi family.
We're from the Urashichiken.
Sakura: You probably already know our identities.

Tachibana: You've already heard of the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven and Nobunaga, right?

Tachibana: That and
How to obtain them.
Page 41:
Tachibana: ...Who subdues the most Oni in this world
Can make Nobunaga's body and and the strongest Oni their own.

Tachibana: The meaning of „subdue“
Hidetsugu and his Oni Mikoto defined it as „make someone to one's follower“.
Page 42:
Tachibana: In other words, the number of Oni a contractor that is loyal to a general holds can be called a competition.
Tachibana: But Iemitsu is different.
sfx: grip
Tachibana: He kills and steals.

Tachibana: He kills the Oni holders and steals their Oni.
With the stolen Oni he wants to obtain the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven
And kill even more.
Page 43:
Tachibana: Because the sustenance of his Oni
Is humans.

Chikahito: !!

Sakura: This story isn't unrelated to you either.
Page 44-45:

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Thank you for translating it! Ahh this episode's really cool! It's strange to see actual explanations or mentions of the main charas' pasts so quickly.


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Seriously! Specially when it was so obviously some tragic emo past (and lol, a twin sister. Of course it had to be that).

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