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I already posted this on Tumblr but I figured I'd stick it up here too for those who haven't seen it, in case anyone's interested.

A friend of mine did a rough translation of the Chinese scans of chapter 10.  Since it's been translated from Japanese to Chinese to English, & English isn't my translator friend's first language, I really can't vouch for accuracy & there are some bits that don't make sense, missing names etc.  But until proper scanlations come out, this'll probably give you at least a vague idea of what's going on.

Page 1

The dance of master and servant.

Page 2

So this is the school I’ll be attending.

Iemitsu: You seem really happy.

Chikahito: This is Kyoto, after all!

Iemitsu: What do you mean?

Chikahito: It’s so historical!  It’s really great!

Iemitsu: This is so intriguing, Chikahito.

Chikahito: When you say it like that…

Iemitsu: It’s [name my friend can’t translate.  Pretty sure it’s Yuu, the name Iemitsu is using.]

Chikahito: Ah, [Yuu?].  Where are you from?

Iemitsu: I’m from Tokyo like you, Chikahito.

Page 3

Chikahito: I see.

Iemitsu: We might have met somewhere in Tokyo.

Chikahito: Ah, but I’d remember if we’d met before.

Iemitsu: Really?

Chikahito: Yeah, because…

Page 4

Chikahito: ((Such a beautiful face, I’d never forget it, even after seeing it just once!))

Akechi: If you guys don’t hurry up, you’ll be late.

Chikahito: Yes sir!  AAAAAH!  Akechi…!!

Page 5

Iemitsu: Chikahito?

Chikahito: Ah!  Right!  Um!  You go on ahead!

Iemitsu: Eh?  But you’ll be late.

Chikahito: Not a problem!  I’ll be there soon!

Iemitsu: Okay then, I’ll see you later.

Chikahito: Er, wha- what is it you want?

Akechi: Nothing really.

Chikahito: Then why…

Page 6

Akechi: I heard that two transfer students arrived, so you’re one of them.

Chikahito: Eh? Eh?

Akechi: Meeting people from the [another name my friend
couldn’t translate, I assume Urashichiken] at my workplace… I’m not sure
if that’s a good or bad omen.

Chikahito: Eh? Eh?!

Akechi: You need to call me ‘teacher’ like the other normal students.  I teach chemistry, by the way.

Chikahito: EHHHHHHH?

Page 7

Akechi: I forgot to tell you.  You’re late for your first day of school.

Chikahito: EHHHHHHHHH?!

Page 8

Chikahito: My first day at my new school and I was late. 
And bumping into Akechi Mitsuhide on top of that.  At least I’m saved by
the fact that he isn’t my homeroom tutor.

((My first time as a third year transfer student in Kyoto.  I’m worried though.))

Iemitsu: I’ll see you tomorrow.

Chikahito: See you.

Iemitsu: Oh yeah.  Can I exchange email addresses with you?

Chikahito: No problem.

Iemitsu: Is it okay, even if the model of our phones is different?

Chikahito: Yeah, if you do it like this…

Iemitsu: Ah, there it is!  You’re so awesome, Chikahito.

Chikahito: It’s normal!  It’s really nothing special!

Page 9

Iemitsu: These things are a bit difficult for me, computers as well.

Chikahito: As long as I understand what the problem is, I’ll help you!

Iemitsu: Thank you very much, I’m so happy.

Chikahito: If only I could confirm this as the start of our friendship.


Page 10

Chikahito: What… what are you doing?!

Masamune: What’s that stupid look for, four eyes?

[I think she missed a speech bubble from Chikahito here…]

Chikahito: Date Masamune?!

Masamune: Aiiiii!

Page 11

Kojuurou: What are you calling other people?

Masamune: Didn’t that guy just call out my name like that?!

Kojuurou: At least you should call him [what she thinks is a more polite way of saying ‘four eyes’?]

Chikahito: Even if you call me that, it won’t make me happier.  It’s so very primary school-ish.

Masamune: It doesn’t matter how you look at it.  All you see here is a diligent and innocently pure primary school student!

Chikahito: Innocent… pure… whatever, I don’t see it.

Page 12

Kojuurou: At school, he’s still pretending to be some kind of honour student.  Deliberately having two split personalities.

Chikahito: Ah, I see.  Has he also come to Kyoto from Tokyo?

Masamune: No, I’ve transferred!  You knew that in April!  If
I’m here, it means I can rescue Hana whenever zie’s in danger!  And
then, our first night! [referring to bridal first night]

Page 13

Chikahito: Eh?  When we met before, didn’t Hidetsugu-san say
you were in sixth grade or something?  If you think about it like that,
this spring you can go to high school…

Masamune: I’ve been a high school student since I started attending this school!

Chikahito: Eh?!

Masamune: I wanted to be an adult so badly that I lied about my age.

Kojuurou: Actually, when he was in first grade he told
people ‘I’m a sixth grader!’  It caused a lot of trouble for people
around me.  Hidetsugu went along with it.

Chikahito: So what’s the real situation?

Kojuurou: [something to do with illness?  Second year of high school illness?]

Page 14

Kojuurou: Masamune-sama!

Chikahito: Not again!

Page 15

Tama: Complete and utter idiots.  This reincarnation’s Date
Masamune is a complete idiot again.  It seems the rumours were true.

Masamune: Your master just isn’t at [someone else’s name]’s level.

Tama: It seems even an idiot like you already knows who I am.

Page 16

Masamune: What do you want, Tama?

Tama: Call me Gracia, you idiot!  Date Masamune.  It’s
fortunate to see you’re not following [someone else’s name].

Masamune: I’d never follow anyone, I’m too awesome!  But…

Page 17

Masamune: Because my Hana is at the [place name, probably Urashichiken], I’ll protect my Hana!  And then, our first night!

Tama: I see.  Idiot.  A total idiot.

Masamune: What did you say?!

Tama-hime: Anyway, I’m taking your oni.

Page 18-19

Tama: [would you read this ‘Nigemizu’?  Or 'Tousui'?  Idk idk.]

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