Feb. 18th, 2011 04:00 pm
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Series ► Gate 7
Character(s) ►  Takamoto Chikahito / Hana
Tools/Time ► SAI~
ORIGINAL SCANhere from [ profile] gate_seven 

@ [ profile] dromerige
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I know that everyone and their Grandmother will colour this page since it's a gorgeous double page in the only available chapter of a CLAMP manga. It will draw a lot of attention!

But I couldn't resist trying my own hand at it.

Click for the full image!

EDIT: 13/11/10 Fixed some shading that was bugging me.
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Yeah, drawn by CLAMP, but I wanted to try coloring skills

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So, with 50+ people and with the head leaders of the site ok, can we have a challenge?

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